Ghost-Hunt Wiki
Name Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR)
Location Shibuya neighborhood, Tokyo
Founder/President Kazuya Shibuya
Employees Lin Koujo, Mai Taniyama
Associates British Society for Psychic Research, Houshou Takigawa, Ayako Matsuzaki, Masako Hara, John Brown, Osamu Yasuhara

Shibuya Psychic Research is located in Tokyo and consists of a group of ghost hunters who find and exterminate ghosts upon request from their clients, for a fee. The company is owned by Kazuya Shibuya, who, along with his assistant, Lin, founded it upon arriving in Japan.

In the novel, it is revealed that the company receives funds from Naru's parent's company, the Society for Psychic Research, in Britain. The name "Shibuya Psychic Research" was chosen in part for its similarity to the original SPR, as well as its location; for example, Mai received paychecks from the British SPR, but never questioned what the initials represented. In this way, Naru was able to use funds from England without raising any questions.

Mai, Naru, and Lin are the only official members of SPR. However, none of them are specialists in exorcising any spirits they may find, so they hire out John Brown, Masako Hara, Ayako Matsuzaki, and Takigawa Houshou for help with cases. In addition, they later hire Osamu Yasuhara as a researcher and part-time laborer on certain cases. Mai often thinks of the group as her family due to the fact she is an orphan.