The highly publicized Rokuryo High School is brought to the SPR's attention when students report a series of terrifying events, including a ghostly dog attacking them. The SPR gathers information with the help of the school valedictorian, Yasuhara, and learn the incidents began after Sakauchi, a freshman student, committed suicide. During the installation of cameras around the school, Mai encounters Sakauchi's ghost. Mai dreams about the school and notes that dozens of spirits, including are devouring each other. Mai and Masako later see Sakauchi's ghost being similarly absorbed. The team discover a popular spirit-summoning game, 'Orikiri-sama', may have been spread by Sakauchi, possibly resulting in the many spirits inhabiting the school. While retrieving a video tape, Mai finds herself locked in a room with bottles crashing down around her, releasing the smell of formalin. Mai wakes up in the nurse's office, after several events nearly lead her to her death again. Mai's lamentation on learning the SPR have been asked to leave after the latest disasters prompts Naru to muse over a theory. He speculates that the spirits were deliberately called and expected to devour each other until the strongest remained. This spirit would possess the school, but require human sacrifices. Lin discovers the instructions for 'Orikiri-sama' have been designed to ensure that participants unknowingly contribute to a death spell, the target of which is someone at the school. Naru and Lin begin a ritual to return the curse to its casters, thereby leaving leaving the curse's target unharmed. Mai learns that this ritual will affect most of the school's student population, as they, while unknowingly, contributed to the curse. Her attempt to stop it by using the Buddhist Mantras, taught by Takigawa, fails, but Naru and Lin are able to lift the curse with little harm to the students.